The Violent Passenger Made Land American Airlines Flight

The Violent Passenger Made Land American Airlines Flight

An American Airlines flight was pressured to make an unscheduled stop after a male passenger turned violent, punching seats, shouting at other passengers at plane also smoking cigarettes.

Starting in Phoenix, Flight 2408 was headed to Minneapolis on Friday when the passenger turned disruptive nearly one hour after takeoff. Passenger Jim Dickey, was traveling for a conference, stated the man began yelling and making threats towards the other passengers.

Dickey informed news channel that He punched the seat in front of him, and the lady screamed.

Dickey mentioned the pilot announced the flight was diverting about 20 minutes after the incident started. The flight landed in Denver, and the person was removed from the airplane by law enforcement.

“You can tell by the sound that the airplane began descending pretty shortly after the flight attendants began to notice” what was happening, he stated.

At one point, the person went to the bathroom where he began smoking, Dickey stated, including that while he was within the bathroom, he yelled: “you are all screwed.”

Some of the male passengers had been ready to restrain the passenger physically, he added.

“The man right behind me switched seats to the aisle in case issues went awry,” Dickey mentioned.

The news channel has reached out to the Denver Police Department for information on the passenger’s situation and whether the passenger was arrested. The flight was diverted due to the same passenger, a statement issued by American Airlines.

“Law enforcement met the flight, and the aircraft re-departed,” stated Whitney Zastrow, a spokeswoman for American Airlines. “Thanks to our crew members for taking good care of our customers throughout this situation.”

Dickey asserted the rest of the flight was the quietest one he’d ever been on.

“Once we received back on the airplane in Denver and continued to Minneapolis, I do not think anybody mentioned a word,” he stated.

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