Stem Cell Loss Due to Malfunctioning in Hospitals Freezer

Stem Cell Loss Due to Malfunctioning in Hospitals Freezer

Stem cells harvested of the blood of 56 child cancer patients had been lost when the hospital’s freezer where they were stored malfunctioned, administrators mentioned Wednesday.

The stem cells have been harvested from patients of Children’s Hospital before they experienced chemotherapy and other treatments. They are put in long-term storage if in the case their cancer may return.

The warning process failed due to one of the freezer’s sensors failed, and so they lost those specimens, mentioned Dr. James Stein, CHLA’s Chief Medical Officer.

All, however, one patient had gone via primary therapy, the newspaper reported. The loss of stem cells has not jeopardized any of the children’s health, the hospital stated.

The hospital additionally bungled the notification of families. A letter breaking the information was accidentally addressed to the children and not their parents.

Sean Anderson Corona, 13, described the information as “painful” and broke into tears.

“I received almost to the very bottom [of the letter], and I just started crying,” he instructed news channel.

Corona supported stem cell therapy after being diagnosed with Stage 4 rare Neuroblastoma cancer. The complicated process required him to be hooked up to machines for hours. His blood was then re-infused back into his body as soon as the stem cells have been harvested.

It stated the freezer was replaced, and the system that monitors the sensors has been upgraded.

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