According to Leaks, Pixel 4 Providing Fewer Features Compared to The Latest Flagship Phones

According to Leaks, Pixel 4 Providing Fewer Features Compared to The Latest Flagship Phones

Set of a leak for Google’s worst-kept secret of 2019. Fans could have an idea what they are getting into before the day arrives of release. The leaks have been to everyone’s expectations; however, that doesn’t mean there are not any disappointing turns. In reality, even in this latest wave of new information, there’s one-minute detail that gives the Pixel 4 phone seem less competitive than this year’s 2019 flagships phones.
The features of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is barely any secret by now. Google even pre-empted these leaks by confirming that it will certainly be placing a square camera bump on its flagships phones this year. Further renders, though, the past few days have been filled with leaks of specific functional models, most of them came from Vietnam.
The Verge has been given yet another live image of the device showing off this year’s version of the black and white “Panda” design. Fans of that dual-tone theme could be disappointed to see a unique spin on these colors. There is also the top bezel that’s thicker than the bottom, giving it a slightly unbalanced however search for the sake of more functionality.
These images also reveal the specs of the phone, which is also no secret by now. Along with the processors and cameras from the images, XDA falls into the Google Camera app version 7.0 to view the capabilities the Pixel 4 will provide. That includes features like Audio Zoom as well as new AR-based ones like Measure Mode and a mysterious “McFly” Rewind Mode.
Moving to benchmarks, evidently the Pixel 4 may have but one more bad news for fans. In addition to only providing a Snapdragon 855, not the latest 855 Plus, it appears that Google’s flagships will be using an older UFS 2.1 storage inside. The speed difference might not be night and day compared to UFS 3.0; however, it does mean that the Pixel 4 will score decrease in benchmarks compared to the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy phones.

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